31 Day Nail Challenge

This is the challenge where you're supposed to remove your beloved manicure every day. Hm, how about not? :D I must admit I'm impatient, but I'm pretty certain I won't be doing a new nail style *every* day.

Still, I'll try to follow the list, because it's easy to come up with ideas when you have these guidelines! I'll add links as I progress!

Here is a list of styles required:
Red nails Orange Nails Yellow Nails Green Nails Blue Nails Violet Nails Black & White Nails Metallic Nails Rainbow Nails Gradient Nails Polka Dots Striped Nails Animal Print Nails Flower Nails Delicate Print Nails
Not yet painted/linked:
  • Tribal Print
  • Glitter
  • Half Moons
  • Galaxies
  • Water Marble
  • Inspired By A Color
  • Inspired By A Song
  • Inspired By A Movie
  • Inspired By A Book
  • Inspired By Fashion
  • Inspired By A Pattern
  • Inspired By An Artwork
  • Inspired By A Flag
  • Inspired By The Supernatural
  • Inspired By A Tutorial
  • Recreate A Manicure You Love (with link)

Feel free to join the challenge at any time, whether you are going to do it in just 31 day or over a whole year. :D

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