Coffee Nails (Tutorial)

yellow brown ice cream coffee manicure tutorial

This is my manicure for the yellow nails day. This can be effective nail art for short nails, though mine are medium length at this point.

brown yellow nails with white stripes

I called it coffee nails because this color combination reminds me of coffee... or ice cream. The brown parts look black in the pictures, but believe me, they're brown. :D

Day 3: Yellow Nails

(Continuing my nail art challenge.)

Here is a little guide on how I did the striped nail. I know you nail pros already know this, but there are people who are still learning (including myself :))

  1. Apply your base coat, then paint the nails any color you like. I wanted white stripes on my striped nail, so I painted that one white. I applied Seche Vite fast drying top coat on the white nail just to be able to do the next step immediately.
  2. Stick nail tape onto the nail. I used 2 pieces meeting in the middle for each pointy stripe.
  3. Paint the separate areas of the nail with your chosen colors. Be careful not to cross the borders.
  4. Remove the stickers (tape).
  5. Remove any polish from skin and apply top coat. Finished!

brown yellow nails with white stripes and Seche Vite top coat

This manicure is really effective, and it seems to be popular these days. Using nail tape gives you precision and turns out good every time.

P. S. I've switched the blog to Google+ comments and made some other changes. Old comments seem to have lost profile images. Also, it looks like I'm commenting on my own posts now every time I share something to Google+! I didn't really want to be that kind of person. :D

I also switched ownership to my other account (Joanne Shepard Nails), instead of the one I use for work and school, mind you. It's a little chaotic now, but things should get back to normal in a few posts. If you are experiencing anything wrong with the site's look, please tell me!

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