Base & Top

These are some basic tips. If you're pro, you can skip this page or leave some tips yourself.

I pretty much always use a base and top coat, so I won't be mentioning that in every post.

It's important to use a coat of clear nail polish as a base before applying other products. It will make the surface of the nail smoother before applying color and help hold everything together.

After all the painting is done, I always apply a top coat, sometimes two. As long as the base and top coats are of good quality, I can use any kind of polish in between and it will look good and last for around 7 days (unless I decide to remove it sooner).

Seche Vite, the King of Top Coats
This is the top coat I'm using - Seche Vite dry fast top coat. It's very shiny and dries super quickly! I didn't believe it the first time I read about it, but then I saw it recommended over and over and had to see for myself. It's amazing!

For the base, I'm currently using Nail Nurse base and top coat from Rimmel London. I've also used their top coats (3D Plumping being my favorite) and was fairly satisfied, but Seche Vite won the competition because it dries really quickly and dries the layers beneath, as well.

If you're using something that doesn't work so well or still having problems drying your nail polish anyway, I suggest waiting for 10-20 minutes between each application. The first 2 layers will dry quickly enough, but 3 or more at once can be a problem.

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