Nail Polish - the First Decluttering

Here is the story of how I started decluttering my precious nail paint collection - which wasn't nearly as big as some others I've seen, but it was too big for my new minimalist self!

nail polish decluttering before and after

Last year I've decluttered a lot of my things, but the nail polishes remained untouched. I would only throw some away if they were dried out and beyond restoration. Then one day I decided I didn't need to have every single color of nail polish, as I don't like all of them and some don't really suit me. (Though it sure was nice being able to do all the different manicures for the blog.) I remember I actually went out and bought some orange nail polish for the 30 days challenge, because I didn't have any. :)

Gothic Lace Nails

gothic manicure with purple tips and black lace

This is a manicure style that I particularly love and I've had it several times with different dark purple polishes. It's a gothy/witchy nail style. I have bought a stockpile of these black lace nail stickers because I like them so much. :D

Favorite Manicures of 2016. - Pink

light pink glitter nails with stickers and nail caviar

For this light pink manicure I used a glittery Essence polish as base. For all different nails I used: another transparent polish with smaller and bigger hexagonal glitters, nail caviar (poured the little beads on wet transparent polish) and black butterfly and flower stickers.

each nail different with butterfly stickers

Favorite Manicures of 2016. - Red

metallic dark red manicure with white flowers

Another one of my favorite manicures from 2016. I made this design by filing my nails in a rounded shape, using a dark red metallic nail polish from Flormar and white rose stickers.

red nails with white rose stickers

Favorite Manicures of 2016. - Orange

orange nails with triangular metal studs

One of my favorite manicures from 2016. that I didn't get the chance to post earlier, this is a simple light orange manicure with metal studs. I loved having it.